Robots: Power On! EvisGames, GOG Games / Media Service 2000 2002

The story says there was a happy and prosperous planet called HORTUS. It was attacked by robots-terminators from the TERMINUS system. They captured MEGACRYSTAL - the symbol of HORTUS power and prosperity. You control a fearless hero Mark Cyborg, who has a mission of prime importance - he must leave for TERMINUS and bring MEGACRYSTAL back to the home planet. You will have to overcome a lot of hardships before you can do that. The action takes place at military bases of robots. In order to complete a level you must find an exit destroying the enemies on your way. Destroy enemy robots from a top-down view and pick up bonuses to score the points.Turn off the barriers, stepping on the buttons and collecting colorful cards, looking for a way out. A mini-map helps to navigate in the upper left corner of the screen. It features 23 levels, 5 types of weapons, 9 types of opponents and 5 varieties of bonuses - increased damage, invulnerability, etc. Weapons change only if the ammunition ends or you pick up a new one; you can’t switch between them. Map design doesn’t indulge in variety: a couple sets of textures for enemy bases, one for open areas and one for the last two levels.
Russian ISO Demo 649MB (uploaded by

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