British Gangsters Blackpixel Studio, YS Interactive / Zeppelin Entertainment, Plug In Digital 2019

Play as the three members of the Croker gang in pursuit of the dreaded Doctor Wong. Equipped with the most powerful weapons, you have to face enemies who have sworn your loss, face to face with a Chinese triad, mechanized hornets, zombies and even Nazi robots. An exciting action/adventure game with 10 highly interactive levels creating a unique blend of cover and shoot game & digital comics. YS INTERACTIVE is an indie French studio founded by game industry veterans, which designs and develops games on console, PC and mobile. Inspired by the famous comic "Blacksad" by Juan Díaz Canales et Juanjo Guarnido. BLACKPIXEL STUDIO was born in January 2010 from a team composed of several artists and programmers. Game reference: currently in production of the game "Noob", a French series which chronicles the life of players in a MMORPG called Horizon. CHRISTIAN PAPAZOGLAKIS ia an artist draftsman, author of more than 20 comics, published by Glénat, one of the best and most recognized cartoonist of cars in the world.
Download: None currently available

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