Guntastic Ludicrous Games 2019

This is a couch and online party brawler where up to four players battle in lightning-fast, one-shot one-kill rounds that last only 25 seconds – after which anyone who's still alive is forcibly eliminated. Explode your friends in this frantic homage to the 16bit coin-op games of the past. Features: Fast-paced, One-shot One-kill Combat; Choose from a vast arsenal of weapons and powerups to wreak havoc on your foes; Easy to learn, hard to master gameplay; Although the basics are easy to pickup, it offers rich gameplay possibilities so that two matches never play the same; One screen, 4-players online/local multiplayer; Challenge up to three friends in local couch games or compete against people from around the world in online multiplayer matches; Retro and over-the-top visuals and soundtrack; Everything in the game is reminiscent of the 16-bit era, and was born out of our love for the videogame and movie classics of the past; Hand crafted, dynamic levels; Use the environment to your advantage - most levels feature dynamic elements that create spectacular ways to frag opponents.
Download: None currently available

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