Old Town Stories Deer Captain, ESAT 2019

Early Access Release We are in Old Town, a fictional city on the United States of America in the 1920's. The discovery of a new fuel (Ignithium) caused a huge boost on technological research and development, consequently leading to the creation of war robots and advanced industrial technology. The commercialization of Ignithium and the introduction of the prohibition on society have produced an atmosphere of war between gangs, clandestine parties and street brawls. Rose, an upper class young girl, is not willing to miss any of this. As Rose, the player will join the Irish mafia and fight off Rusty Jack's robotic mafia, making use of advanced techonology and weaponry in a frantic adventure to write her story in Old Town. This is a frantic VR first person shooter where the player faces an army of steampunk robots in a fictional alternate setting during the American Prohibition era using bespoke weaponry fueled by a mysterious energy source. The game features: An intriguing alternate history setting of the 1920s with a fully voiced original story; Original weapons fueled by a powerful mysterious material; A shielding mechanic where players can protect themselves from enemy fire while building a counter-attack; A classic VR teleporting locomotion system for maximum comfort; Highly detailed locations inspired by classic 1920s America; It's a student showcase project from ESAT Valencia.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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