Scatteria: Post-Apocalyptic Shooter Piston Media 2019

Early Access Release This is 2d platformer shooter game based on post-apocalyptic earth. Your goal is to kill enemy teams, collect better weapons and ammunition from the surroundings and survive in the last remains of the human civilization. Take cover in bunkers, basements, destroyed ruins, foxholes or behind sandbags. Destroy the environment with explosives or set mines to make your enemies time harder or just explode them into smaller pieces. Play against your friends in local split screen mode or join the web servers. Features: Fluid 2d platformer controls; Two players on keyboard; Or up to 4 with Controllers (Xbox + Playstation style controllers for Pc supported); Local Split screen up to 4 players; Lots of weapons to choose from: Including Pistol, Rifle, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Bazooka, Sniper Rifle; Destroyable environments - nearly everything can be destroyed; And cool explosives.
Download: None currently available

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