Space Battles Keypunch Software Inc. 1987

Release Date: 1987 This contains four different games on one disk: Space War - a 1985 shareware variant of Spacewar!, one of the very first computer games ever created in 1962. Moon Lander - Out on a LEM is a 1984 BASIC-programmed Lunar Lander-type game. The goal is to land on the white goal pad without crashing into moon's jagged surface. The cursor keys are used to operate the left, right and vertical thrusters to land the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM) as gently as possible. A thruster is turned off by pressing the same key a second time. The fuel supply also needs to be watched. If there is fuel left, the on-board computer will attempt to return the LEM to Earth. Meteor Shower: In this game numerous meteors are falling. Your goal is to guide your character and collect as many of the pieces of the scene as you can. When a meteor falls it will remove any pieces of the scene that happen to be in its way causing you to lose points. If you collect a piece before it's destroyed by a meteor you gain points. If you are hit by a falling meteor then you lose a life. The goal is to earn as many points as possible. One to four players can compete for the highest score. Space Zombies: In this game your goal is to earn as many points as possible by collecting dots on the screen. Four opponents bounce and wander around the screen; if you get caught a life is lost, and the game ends when all players have lost all their lives. One to four players take turns playing the game and compete for the highest score.
Floppy Image ISO Demo 111kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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