IOX Ioxian Games Oy 2019

This game is in active development and only features few missions at the moment. The core game will always remain free. In the near future we will begin developing mission and content packs to extend the gameplay and item progression. It's a scifi action RPG that pits player in the near future around the orbits of Jupiter where corporations fight over the remnants of old industries. The game features randomized loot and character progression through a talent system so players can come up with their own builds and playstyles. Items can be broken down to crafting materials that in turn can be used to upgrade other items. All missions are handmade with various themes and challenges. As a mercenary for hire you can choose which missions you do in order depending how well the rewards fit your build progression. Missions vary in length and difficulty so you can select various load-outs for your character that are fine-tuned for each mission.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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