TurboTank Redux DX Amir Bayareh 2019

This is a Drive & Shoot game inspired by the classic NES graphic and sound style as well as games oriented to speedrunners. Explore the deep cave with your super equiped Turbo Tank and battle guarding robots, turrets and miners to get to the mystical Rainbow Gem. Items and power ups: Acquire the 5 level keys to gain access to all the rooms. Drive and shoot, drive and shoot; Pick up ammo and speed boosters to clear out your path to the biggest treasure known to mankind. It is preferable to use a gamepad, but you can also play with a keyboard. The amazing soundtrack was created by: Luismi of Mumu Island Music, Eric Skiff. It was initially created as a demo for a GameMaker: Studio workshop at ITESM in Puebla, Mexico.
Free Game 6MB (uploaded by Itch.io)

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