Kill The Emoji: The Remake Drunken Apes 2019

If you ever want to shoot hordes of emojis, right into their faces? Then this is your game, buddy. It's a bombastic and funny first-person shooter. Kill as much emojis as you can, try to save the world, but the waves will never end. Let off your infinite pain over whatever has pissed you so off and get on a killing spree on cool and hot locations. Absolve special challenge levels, find hidden collectibles and get some funny achievements. Enjoy the legendary Kill The Emoji experience (first released in 2017) with a new lit style, tons of new improvements and content. The new definite version of the game, forget the old one, new is always better. Features: survive endless hordes of emojis and slaughter your way through them in survival mode; absolve new special levels with funky themes; new guns added and reworked the old ones with more punch; new funky and deadly emojis with new abilities; find the hidden golden emojis and get rich; added easy mode for non-hardcore gamers to better enjoy the game; complete new achievements, even some funny ones; more music, better balancing, and optimization for potato PC's; if it's still not your thing... try the original.
Download: None currently available

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