Monolith: Relics of the Past Team D-13 2019

This is an expansion to Monolith, adding many new features, smoothing out the quality of life and opening a window into the heart of the old world, just a little bit. Follow Null and company on their perilous quest toward power, wealth and ultimate destiny through places unknown and places forgotten. Features: New enemies, New hazards, New bosses, Over 2000 new room layouts; Two new floors - The elusive Temple and the overflowing b0unds o. -$556/-err; Infinite looping - Every game loop beaten unlocks a yet harder one; Over 40 unique weapons- Rare, powerful and different spins on the default armaments; Cartridges - Utilize the power of over 40 ancient, bootleg storage devices; Blessings - The council lends their strength. Choose wisely; Practice mode - Test your mettle, practice any boss you've faced; New playable characters; Hacking; Other stuff, we can't fit it all here.
Download: None currently available

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