Narwhar: Project Hornwhale AB 2019

This is a 16-bit style action shmup that lets you explore levels freely, rather than forced scrolling. Choose from two characters with different play styles and explore levels at your own pace, while experimenting with multiple weapon power ups. Multiple difficulties (Easy/Normal/Hard/Yolo) - Choose how hard you want to be challenged, somewhere between infinites lives or just the one. Different endings - Different difficulties means different ending, but which one is real? Two characters - Choose between Aura and her offensive power of dash or Ukko and his defensive power of electro shield. 50 weapon variants - Bored of of shooters only having a few weapons, here have 50. Passcode system for resuming play on Easy/Normal difficulties - Need to rest from playing, just pause and note down a simple passcode.
Download: None currently available

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