DCS: UH-1H Huey - Worlds Apart Spring 2025 Campaign AVP & IT GmbH / Eagle Dynamics SA 2019

This is a story-driven campaign that places you in the role of a German Bell UH-1H Helicopter Pilot serving in the “WOLF PACK” squadron, a unit of the German Light Aircraft Group (Heeresflieger). You are part of a four-person crew that consists of your Commanding Officer Peter Berger, two Gunners Hans and Tom, and you, Frank, as the right seat co-pilot. Fly missions with your squadron leader, WOLF ONE, and other helicopter and fixed-wing units. Missions include other air, ground, and naval forces from different countries. You will conduct day and night unarmed transport, armed patrol in various weather conditions. Features: 12 challenging missions; More than 1400 voice overs; Voice actors with an American, German, and Russian accents; And more than 170 pages detailed documentation; Mission-specific information that is integrated into the kneeboard pages.
Download: None currently available

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