Death Carnival Chimera One Games 2020

Release Date: Aug This is an intense top-down shooter with absurdly overpowered weapons and multiplayer mayhem. Single player, Co-op, or PvP with up to 8 players. Multiple classes, unique weapons, Twitch & MixPlay, Level Editor, Story Campaign and lots more for infinite gameplay. In a dark future, Death Carnival is the number one entertainment show in the galaxy. A sporting event of blood and pure carnage, broadcast across the furthest reaches of space. Contestants come from all corners of the galaxy to compete for fame, fortune and power. Choose your character and battle through massive hordes of robots and monsters with oversized weaponry and insane power-ups to reach the top. Are you up for the challenge? Features: 8 players Online Multiplayer PvP with 20 playable characters; Up to 4 players with local couch or online multiplayer Coop; Easy arcade-style controls with fast-paced combat; Story campaign solo or 4 players couch/online co-op; More than 40 hand-crafted levels in campaign mode; Giant boss fights and plenty of endgame infinite replay; Customize weapons and play cross-platform; Twitch and Mixer MixPlay Extension Mode: Audience can unleash deadly enemies and unlock unique gameplay; Use the built-in level editor to create levels you can share with world; After story mode, enjoy endless replay value with procedurally generated levels; Multi-platform gameplay, with initial release on Windows, OS X, and Linux.
Video Preview
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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