Tonka Space Station Data Design Interactive Ltd, ImageBuilder Software Inc. / Hasbro Interactive Inc. 2000

The player controls Tonka Joe and has to take over space station construction and operations. The game provides nine Tonka space vehicles that can be used in nine different missions. Examples of missions include blasting mutant weeds in the biosphere, mining lunar Tonkonium, and racing down wormholes. By completing missions modules of the space station can be upgraded. The game is marketed towards children aged five and up. Drive a Tonkonium Extraction Vehicle through a maze of lava pools and explosives, or speed a Terra Racer through the low-gravity zone of the station's sporting arena to entertain your station crew. Kids also get to make all the important decisions: Should they build defense grids to demolish hazardous space waste, or focus on food production for hungry workers? They also get to choose one of three futuristic designs, test out the high speed race course, and protect the space station from incoming asteroids. Earn promotions from lowly Photon 3rd Class all the way up to Galactic Commander.
ISO Demo 339MB (uploaded by Meddle)

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