LibraSphere M+ Fonts Project 2013

Giant statues, wizards and sorcerers because as we know well the fantasy genre is often used by Japanese indie developers whether they produce RPGs or vertical scrolling shooters. This belongs to the shmup category and is a shooter with many bullets to dodge, monsters to defeat by tearing at the energy bar (even several times depending on the boss ...) a more than dignified graphic design and good playability for a completely free game perfectly compatible with our Windows XP, 7, Vista or 8 even without the support of the Japanese language. A battle certainly not easy to overcome with two selectable difficulty levels. The levels are not long but they are intense and, if you want, thanks to the continuous it will not be impossible to get to the end of the game with the score that will reset once the virtual currency is inserted just as it happened with the old coin-ops. You can safely use your pad to enjoy it in full screen you just have to press ALT + ENTER (or correctly set the setup file which is however all in Japanese).
Free Game v1.21 30MB (uploaded by Freem!)

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