Mazeland Null Team 2018

This fps shooter has action set in a city on whose streets and in whose alleys the player is fighting opponents. A lot of time Heads fought for the Mazeland, the capital of Headrock. Once they've won, The Great War was over... However, The Peace was broken again. The Heads become greedy and dishonorable, so they started to fight against each other. And now, they fight for the one reason. Money is their goal. Terrain is randomly generated each time, which is why each game presents a new challenge. During the game, you can fight alone against opponents led by AI, as well as other live players. Deathmatch and cooperation modes are available , and the next update will include capture the flag . While wandering the streets you can collect power-ups, thanks to which you can restore health, among others.
Free Game v0.3.0 106MB (uploaded by

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