Ghostship Chronicles Shaun Williams / MAG Studios 2020

Release Date: Sep 22 Prepare for a fight with a fun and challenging Sci-fi first person and third person shooter. Battle Hordes of Zombies and aliens as you play instant action or get more in depth with the dark story of the 3rd Ghostship title with random loot, enemies and events. It's the third and final chapter in the Ghostship Trilogy. Based 9 months before the Icarus Incident, this secret Black Ops mission was to investigate and salvage a lost CDF colonisation ship. The ship disappeared almost 4 years prior to the Icarus Incident, a CDF Marine Frigate with a small detachment of Marines was dispatched to investigate and salvage the craft if possible. Features: Single player campaign with random elements and lots of replayability; Atmospheric and fluid FPS and TPS gameplay; Instant action mode which features SKirmish, Onslaught, Challenge and Simulator missions; First & Third person view; Random Loot and random gameplay elements; Intuitive Inventory system; Random Enemies for Unique and Challenging gameplay; Futuristic arsenal of weapons, tools and Grenades to be found; A variety of enemies including zombies, Aliens, Infected and armed enemies; Atmospheric Visuals and sound.
Download: None currently available

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