JetClub Klaus Neumann / 3000 Interaktiv 2004

Your fatherland is in danger. To protect it, the highest military launched a new project. They call it the "jet club". For this, the bravest daredevils are selected and sent to the enemy on their own. You get a little capital and then make your way. If you are captured, deny the "jet club" and belonging to our military. Your enemies will think that an era of piracy has broken out and you are right in the middle of it. This is an arcade shooter. There are 5 different types of spaceships, weapons, missiles and many upgrade options with which you can upgrade your spaceship. The 5 levels are very different and offer a lot of variety. The whole game is completely programmed in DX 8.0. In the in-house shop you are able to design your spaceship according to your wishes. It won bet game in the Gamestar Contest 9/2004.
Free Game + Soundtrack + Source 10MB+690kb+10MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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