Nightmerica Voltic Games 2012

Like pixels? How about randomly generated weapons? What about crazy monsters trying to rip you to shreds? Welcome to (The United States of) Nightmerica. This is a game about facing the monsters inside your head, and shooting them with a whole load of bullets. Drawing on the retro spirit of arcade games and the? Explosions? Of modern titles. Face hordes of monsters in three different arenas, using any of the infinitely randomly generated guns, sidearms or special weapons. Show your nightmares who's boss. Features: Randomly generated guns (better guns generated based on how far you get); Crazy Zombies; A buttload of various monsters; Explosions; Retro platformer aesthetic; Crazy hard bosses; Awesome special weapons; A whole bunch of love.
Alpha Level Demo Build 1 1.76MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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