Reviser HyperNovaSoft 2019

This is a top-down twin stick shooter with RPG / Treasure Hunter-like elements. Your mission is to explore with the team members, get various weapons with random parameters and conquer all areas. 11 different area exploration areas. Three of them are randomly generated maps. Add friends you find during exploration to team members and fight together. There is no upper limit on the number of team members. Various bosses await at the end of each area. You can explore the area once you finish it as many times as you like. 40 types of weapons drop from enemies that have been killed or from supply boxes scattered in the area. Weapons have random parameters depending on their rarity. Base damage increased with weapon level. There is an inventory system, and it is possible to carefully select acquired weapons. You can buy and sell weapons and treatment items at the shop. You can also acquire experience points by defeating enemies, and level up when experience points are collected. Acquire points as players level up and complete stage achievements, and spend points to improve status such as HP and damage. Various movement actions such as run, jump and roll. Aim assist function. Camera angle and zoom can be changed at any time. Compatible with mouse and keyboard / joystick.
Download: None currently available

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