Noisz re:||verse Noiszmakers 2019

This is a new evolution and expansion for NOISZ, featuring 12 challenging all-new stages, Style customization for deeper scoring mechanics, and the epic conclusion to NOISZ's storyline. Experience blistering battles to a variety of tracks by music game legends, including Camellia, kors k, M-Project, and more. Challenge the new Course Mode, which requires you to use a variety of Styles and battle through a gauntlet of stages. Existing content gains more depth with the new Style Lab feature, allowing you to tweak your Styles with Modules granting a variety of new twists to your abilities. The new Parry and Harmonic Styles also give a fresh gameplay experience with wildly different mechanics. Collect a variety of Titles that show off your accomplishments and playstyle on the leaderboards, and a whole new set of achievements, for a total of 100. NOISZ fans shouldn't miss out on this ultimate NOISZ experience.
Download: None currently available

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