Neon Aileron Saturday Development LLC 2019

This is a retro-style shooter where enemies spawn to the beat of the music. It was created to evoke memories of playing older shooters that pre-date the bullet-hell genre. We call this bullet-lite, because the focus is on shooting enemies instead of dodging complex bullet patterns. Neon Aileron is great for players who are new to the shoot 'em up genre or those who haven't a played a horizontal shooter in a while. The forgiving damage system and multiple difficulty levels allow the game to scale to the player's skill level. Switch to the Hard difficulty when you are ready for more of a challenge. Bullet-Lite Shoot 'Em Up - Spend more time shooting, less time dodging. Beginner Friendly - Easy and Normal difficulties are available for entry-level players looking for a fun playthrough. Switch to Hard difficulty for an extra challenge. Leaderboards - All-Time and monthly leaderboards are available. Challenge friends to see who can get the highest score this month. Quick Arcade-Style Gameplay - A full game can be played in about 30 minutes, just like old-school arcade games. Synchronized Soundtrack - This game features a custom synth soundtrack by Von Hertzog. Enemies spawn to the beat of the music. Dynamic Damage System - Player jets can take damage and still keep flying. Adjust the damage system to take up to 4 hits, or turn it off altogether for an old-school experience and additional points. Non-Linear Level Selection - Select and fly missions in the order you prefer. Skip some missions entirely if you choose (Developer Note: This will be part of Story Mode which is currently delayed.) 3 Pilots To Choose From - Each pilot has their own unique jet, ability, and story ending (Developer Note: Story Mode is currently delayed and scheduled for an end of January 2020 update.) Super Weapon - Charge your super weapon by collecting energy containers. Activate your super weapon to take out large enemies or large groups of enemies. Weapons - Unlock up to 5 secondary weapons that you can change on the fly. Local 2 Player Co-Op - Play locally with a friend, or remotely via Remote Play Together.
Download: None currently available

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