Total Tank Simulator Noobz from Poland / 505 Games 2020

Deploy your forces and get personal - Play as a commander deciding your army configuration and tactical deployment on the field on massive battles. But also experience first line action instantly by taking control of individual units on the fly, from tanks or planes to snipers and more. Every battle is unique - From infantry to aircraft, super-secret projects or tanks, LOTS of tanks... there are over 200 different units at your disposal, seriously - check them out. You won’t run out of maps either. With more than 50 unique maps you will never know if your next battle is going to be deep in the Sahara Desert, in the green fields of Europe or in the snowy plains of Russian Taiga. Destroy Everything - Large maps carefully crafted to fit infantry, motorized and airborne action that include deformable terrain and gradual destruction of buildings and landmarks. Shape your battlefield with never ending artillery fire! Blow up vehicles, bring down buildings, flatten forests... It’s total physics-driven destruction. Campaign Mode - Change WWII history. Choose a faction and take part in countless battles to decide the fate of Europe! You will engage in different missions through your campaign: Deathmatch - Fight to the last man standing; Kill VIP - Kill all the specified enemy units within a limited time; Protect VIP - Protect a specified group of ally units for a certain time; Wave defense - Defend a map against waves of incoming enemies. Sandbox Mode - Do whatever you want, think of most ridiculous scenarios and recreate them in sandbox mode. The only thing limiting you here is your imagination... and CPU :) Shadow Mode - Face your worst enemy, the one that knows you best... yourself. A survival mode where you face your victorious armies from previous battles. How far you can get?
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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