Game Tengoku: CruisinMix Special Chara-ani Corporation, City Connection Co. Ltd. / Degica 2018

This is an enhanced port of Jaleco's classic 90s vertically scrolling shooting game. It mixes cute characters, a game world parodying a wide range of gaming tropes and history, tight controls, refined mechanics and eggplants?! The game features both the console original and the exclusive Arcade Mode + in a retro game fan's dream combination. Arcade Mode +: Normal (6 stages, multiple difficulties & practice mode); Time Attack (Play against the clock for a high score); 7 characters, 6 unique ships and more via DLC; 2 display modes (vertical stretch & dot by dot); Multiple soundtrack & voice types; HD Data Mode: high-res game flyers & info on Jaleco's games. Classic Mode - Arcade: 6 stages of straight-laced shooting with 2p co-op; 1 Time Attack stage; Vertical display mode. Classic Mode - Arrange: 8 stages with fully-voiced intermissions; Fully voiced opening and ending movies and several songs; Time attack with 2 stages and a practice stage. Following its popularity in arcades upon its 1995 release, Game Tengoku hit the home console market in 1997. Featuring classic Jaleco characters alongside original ones all voiced by a number of popular voice actors & actresses; it was a character-based shoot ‘em up that was well ahead of its time. Well-known manga artist Tatsuya Souma provided character designs, there were fully-voiced skits, 4 original songs, and animated sequences too. And all while making other shooting games jealous of how well it pulled off its game mechanics. It managed to be a character centric game without succumbing to any of the cut corners that usually come with such a title.
Download: None currently available

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