Signal Decay Nela System, Gamera Game 2019

This is a unique stealth roguelike with up to 3 players online or local co-op. On a future alternative Earth, you are a quiet assassin called upon by a mysterious signal to take up arms to assault enemy bases and become the last hope to save humanity from mind manipulation by the Broadcasters. Features: Intense roguelike adventure with procedurally generated mission and permanent death; Sneak, assassin, lure, and set traps in this highly tactical stealth system; Online or local teamwork for up to 3 players; A solo mode with a powerful special ability - Make every action count; Friends to the Rescue - A second chance to continue a failed mission by inviting friends to join your game; Weapon Upgrades - Large cache of shotguns, tasers, mines, and various special abilities; Global Strategy System - Piloting a secret command center in the sky to race across the globe, conduct tech research, reach the next mission in the nick of time; Daily Challenge & Global Leaderboard - Put your highscore up against those of all fellow assassins. Cooperative Stealth - Hide your presence and watch each other's backs under ever-increasing alert levels. Explore the bases, collecting resources, and search for the Broadcaster to destroy it. Unique Combat - Stay low, execute enemies from behind, and hide the bodies. Each enemy is alert and reactive, so be sharp. Get to a tactical position, use the right weapon or ability to deal with various threats, and cover for one another. Global Strategy - Pilot an invisible airship across a real-time world and race to your next mission under ever rising enemy awareness. Choose your missions strategically to destroy all machines scattered around the world before all enemy forces are upon you. Weapons & Gadgets - Highly situational and tactical combat. Shotguns to blast shieldless enemies in close quarters, tasers to stun humans and only humans. Each weapon and gadget has its unique role. Choose your weapons and abilities strategically to ensure that your next mission does not end in death or capture. Resource Management - Collecting ore shards during missions to unlock and craft upgrades and equipment. Carry out bonus missions, and you will acquire extra resource and technology boost.
Download: None currently available

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