Black Eagle [Ru] Skyhaven Studio / Discus Games 2004

This is a tank arcade game with eight stages, each of which consists of several levels. Your tank - the embodiment of the most modern technologies, coupled with incredible firepower - is in front of you, but it is not recommended to rush, the enemies are not asleep, and your overly active and ill-conceived actions will lead to the death and failure of the operation. Be careful, do not get involved in a battle with more than three opponents - these are not newcomers and it is not so easy to destroy them. Carefully monitor the state of the armor of your tank, and be sure to replenish the ammunition of the main gun. The enemy does not sleep. A variety of equipment - several types of tanks (light, medium, heavy), stationary guns (conventional, electromagnetic and flash guns), long-range artillery, minefields, all this will not give you an easy life. Oh, and don't forget to read regularly updated briefings.
Russian ISO Demo 487MB (uploaded by

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