Zyr Johan Peter Lems 1997

This is a 5 level shareware demo of the 15 level 3D action game ZYR in which you have to fight against hostile robots. The game consists of: 1.Zyr Complex 1, here X3 rocket bran dust is produced. This section was taken over by the Beaver robots. 2. Zyr Mining Industry de Z.M.I, here the raw materials for X3 rocket fuel are extracted. The Z.M.I. have been acquired by the Robot miners and the Starbots. 3. Zyr Space Station de Z.S.S., In the Z.S.S. laboratory, tests are being taken to improve the efficiency of X3 rocket fuel. The Z.S.S. have been taken over by android and called the Metalhuman.
Level Demo 1.6MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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