Deathbloom: Chapter 2 Vincent Lade 2020

This is the second half of the Bachman Manor story, inspired by the classics of survival horror. Continue your journey through Bachman Manor and find the conclusion to the horrors within. Arm yourself with 11 different weapons, each hidden throughout the dark rooms and dusty corridors. New and original enemies stalk the Manor seeking to drag you into its pits. Search for supplies, secrets areas, and letters to increase your chances of survival. Find your mysterious friend “Christina” while she helps you with her candles. Avoid the mists of “Deathbloom” or be pulled into a hallucinatory state between life and death. Explore new regions of the Manor, more dark and dangerous than ever before. Filled with puzzles, traps, and hidden passageways that keep the player exploring and solving its secrets. More Guests - You are not alone, the occupants and even manifestations of Bachman Manor itself keep the player running, hiding, or fighting for their life.
Download: None currently available

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