Tori-Tatsu I: Death Label Sorafune Atelier 2015

This seems to be a tribute to Dodonpachi, mainly because the ship has 2 attacks: Your rapid fire shot, and your laser shot, and it can bomb as well. No hypers whatsoever, though. You can choose from Easy, Normal, Hard, and also a ?? difficulty by pressing left while selecting your difficulty. You can choose from two ships: The FA-26(which is shown here) and the MID-104. The FA-26 resembles the Type-C ship while the MID-104 resembles the Type-B ship in Dodonpachi. You can unlock two more ships by 1ccing Normal with each ship. Tori Tatsu has these blue eagle pickups that similar to the bees in Dodonpachi. You can get an autobomb feature by picking up a bomb while having three in stock. This will give you a MAXIMUM bonus like in DDP SDOJ where your score gets an added bonus, but you use up all your bombs upon getting hit, like in SDOJ. Gameplay is usual bullet-dodging. On higher difficulties some patterns become overwhelming. However, there are more enemies that can cancel bullets upon destruction. The game is extremely generous on lives, as you have your two extends and you get 1-ups from the Stage 3 midboss, and the 2 Stage 5 midbosses. This game can still kick your ass on Easy, but overall it's a very fun shmup to play. Some attack patterns of the midbosses/bosses resemble some of those in Ketsui and in Dodonpachi. The music is by Cyber-Rainforce, so obviously you can expect good music even though it's MIDI.
Free Game v1.85a 37.7MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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