Black Eagle 2 [Ru] Skyhaven Studio / New Disc 2009

If you need to quickly and efficiently resolve a local conflict, destroy a terrorist base or test the strength of enemy combat robots - it’s better not to find a tank. Especially if Black Eagle, the latest development of Russian arms factories, enters the battle. Want to know how it feels to face head-on with a giant metal crab, or with honor to get out of a collision with a futuristic bomber? In the new, all-consuming arcade game you can realize everything that has long been dreamed of. Under your control, an armored vehicle will pass through mountain gorges and impassable thickets, crush the enemy in snowy fields. Crush, crush and shoot hordes of enemies. Turn the tank into a real Juggernaut, arm yourself with the most unusual means of destruction. Machine guns, guns, rockets, even a giant laser gun - in war, all means are good. In a battle against terrorist hordes, killer robots do not have extra weapons. And the native command is always ready to support you with a couple of air strikes. Features: Arrange a real tank blitzkrieg in four countries of the world; Crush battle robots, defensive lines and super heavy equipment; Tear the enemy to shreds with the help of shells, rockets, lasers, electric guns.
Russian ISO Demo 608MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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