Legacy of Doom 2: Plutonia Experiment 1997

Addition to the Doom 2 Legacy project for Quake 2. Remake of the second part of Final Doom: Plutonia Experiment, made specifically for Quake 2 as part of a single project " Legacy of Doom 2" which must be installed before this mod. 41 battle maps in five episodes in a single sequence. As well as game modes: Normal, Ultra-Violence, Nightmare. Almost every map is presented in all modes, each game mode is more difficult than the previous one. Unique secret levels that were not in the original Plutonia Experiment. Unique fifth episode: only one who has found all the secrets in the previous four episodes of D2PLU ( collection of medals ) can get into it. Launch of D2PLU - only on the advanced graphics engine KMQUAKE2. The archive includes a set of maps ( combat and intermediate ), level shots, additional sound effects and models, as well as 18 new sound tracks ( for more details: in the "doom2 soundtrack info" file in the music folder ) and new textures for this add-on. New textures are unpacked into the baseq2 / textures folder (the main array of more than 1700 files ), as well as in the d2legacy / textures folder (a little ). For the " Cinematics " section"on the starting map now there is an entrance to " Cinematics Nexus (AS) "(map" _d2cin_as "), where you can watch 2 clips on the game engine ( gameclips ) and 2 clips in ROQ format.
Download 887MB (uploaded by Playground.ru)

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