Shining Blast Tactical Arts Reverse 2000

You pilot a mecha in this free shmup. Two mechanics and two pilots volunteer to go to the pipe-breaker. The first mecha is equipped with direct fire, the second with multiple fire. The pilot is an expert in regular ripping, the pilot an expert in navigation. In other words, the two characters are respectively focused on power and speed. Nice idea, you can associate one or the other of the two pilots with the mecha of your choice. So it's up to you to create your mech / power / speed association. In addition to their shooting specificities, the mechas have a smart bomb whose effect will be a full bullet cancellation , and a "sword attack", an overpowered melee attack but almost suicidal to place. Note that the bomb increases your speed for a short period of time. The game offers 5 relatively short levels but all guarded by bosses who alone represent the real challenge of the game. The course opts for a rather frenetic rhythm: the packets of projectiles arrive at high speed, in an orderly manner (parallel bursts following the enemy movement) or in compact strings. The size of the sprites is quite substantial, but the collision mask of the mechs is reduced enough to allow you the most daring slaloms. Useful if you wish to play in “chains”, ie by destroying either several enemies of the same type in a row, or by destroying several enemies with the same salvo. It also seems that there are also other ways to open your chains. The boss patterns are still quite a challenge, their deployment and speed can give a hard time. Combine that with the resistance of the bosses, and you get often long fights and always at the finish. With graphics typed "16 bits", a very suitable animation and a rhythmic and heroic soundtrack, there is not too much to reproach concerning the realization of the game. Perhaps a lack of variety at the level of the decorations sometimes pretty monotonous however. A doujin after all without much innovation, but with furious gameplay and beefy bosses, which is played without being asked. In short, a fun game, and a game, if it is fun and offers a minimum of resistance, can claim to have fulfilled its contract honorably. Even if I can't get rid of the impression that a little je ne sais quoi would have made it a must play.
Free Game 3.4MB (uploaded by Freem!)

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