Spark Spectra Abashi 2005

At first glance, this is an ordinary shmup, which would even pass as a clone of Mars Matrix. Even if there is a little of that, we are indeed in the presence of a properly impeccable game with refined gameplay. The game presents like a vertical shmup, your only objective will be to always push the limits of your endurance further under a deluge of fire and multicolored enemies. What is so exciting in there you wonder (maybe)? Well, the scoring system is impressive here. I told you that the enemies were multicolored, and this fact is linked to the chain possibilities offered by the game. Destroying successively several enemies of the same color increases the bids, but destroying an enemy of different color causes the chain to drop. zero. It is therefore possible to restart another, even with opponents of another color. There are two ways to play, chain (risky) and pure destruction (safer, but worse for the score). Your machine has 4 shots and a smart bomb. On these 4 shots, 2 are available by default, a wide shot and a direct shot, the third is a deployed shot, fast and self-guided, very powerful, but limited in its use by an energy gauge, for the to use, two successive rapid presses on the deployed shot will suffice, and the last one is a very powerful shot which is activated by combining the first two. Now, this gameplay allows hallucinating combinations, especially on boss fights (those (these are made up of additional turrets to be destroyed before attacking their core), alternate deployed fire and special attack to destroy the lateral guns / direct fire on the boss's heart, all crowned with a smart bomb when the patterns are too urgent... Enjoyable. The whole bathed in a superb theme which, if it is unique, is nonetheless perfectly suited to the game. A very good doujin that really pleases, with the difficulty dosed well without being easy, with impressive bosses and aesthetic attacks. Very good work.
Free Game 7.38MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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