Orcs Must Die! 3 Robot Entertainment 2020

Release Date: July This is the third full-fledged version of the popular action game containing elements of the tower defense genre. It is an extension of the ideas used in the previous editions of the series. Players again have to fight off the orc hordes attack. It takes place 20 years after the events in the previous installment of the series. The main characters of Orcs Must Die! 2 rebuilt order in the land and trained new recruits. However, the peace is disturbed by a horde of orcs. The feature campaign consists of a series of levels in which orcs cannot be allowed to enter the fortress. The aim of the game is to repel attacks of hordes of orcs. For this purpose, the creators have placed various traps in the hands of the players, which should be set up in appropriate places. In addition to the equipment known from the previous parts, many new traps have also been implemented. Among them there are siege machines. They deal damage on a large scale and allow for the simultaneous elimination of several dozen orcs. In addition to setting traps, players also have control over two heroes. They can move around the map and engage in direct clashes with enemies. It can be played alone or in two-person cooperation. During the next stages of the game, millions of orcs appear on the map at the same time.
Download: None currently available

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