Space Birdz Mindless Software 2004

This is a modern remake of the Phoenix game released in arcades in 1980. It is a legendary shmup like Galaxian which first offered an activatable protective field. The player directs a ship there which can only move laterally and which must destroy winged creatures. This modern version offers the faithful reproduction of the first 5 levels of Phoenix (levels that were repeated in Phoenix) but with all 3D objects as well as the light effects of DirectX8. It gives 2 rounds with small purple and green pawns which are followed by 2 rounds of large winged creatures emerging from their eggs then the boss in his flying saucer (too bad the boss has lost his tentacles, his antennas and his eyes that did not stop to move). The game diversifies a little thereafter, with a bonus phase that will remind a little Gyruss , a passage through the souvenir shop, then oscillating levels between Phoenix and Galaga. To enrich the original title, there are weapon bonuses, score multipliers and others in a similar way to Warblade. The sets consist of stars, spiral nebulae and planets in 3D having lost their double rings (which is not bad). It integrates the possibility of playing 2 in collaboration.
Free Game 2MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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