Yakouga 8 Artesneit 2016

Initially this was to be a simple vertical shooter. A trial version was released at Comitek 91. It was then decided to use three characters and different gameplay for each. A trial with character of Miyumi was released in 2018 at Comiket 94. Five levels are complete but it's missing the final boss. It will be completed under the title Yakouga 9 instead. However, to make the backgrounds as 3D pre-render and rotate the pseudo 3D background took too long so it was decided to make in one month a new Yakouga 8 with Denguri ACT and released at Comitek 95. It's a side-scrolling platform shooter. Attack by holding down the shot button. During the attack, the body orientation is fixed. You can attack above and below. Jump with the jump button. A boring button in the air with the boring button in the air. The surrounding enemy bullets disappear due to the lineage log effect. Consumption of a dengue gauge, and a small amount of gauge shortens the lineage log effect. If you pull it to the last minute and turn it over in the air with a single piece of paper, it will be "paper avoidance" and you can kick back enemy bullets.
C91 Video
C91 Trial Demo 121MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
C94 Video

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