Into the Eagle's Nest Pandora / Mindscape Inc. 1988

Release Date: 1988 This combines the Gauntlet style with the World War 2 setting, and specifically the Eagle's Nest building which is being used by a commander as his HQ. Three Allied soldiers have been captured, and you must infiltrate the facilities, rescue your brave comrades, destroy the building, and salvage as much of the stolen art treasures as possible. There are eight levels to explore, each with a specific mission objective. Some of the paintings are loose, others are in crates which must first be shot. Explosives must be collected, not shot. With limited ammunition, guards everywhere, keys at a premium, and lots of strategic hiding points, an all-guns-blazing approach is less successful than a planned, measured one. In 2003, a free fan-made remake was released by Mersey Remakes.
Full Demo 70kb (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
Free Fan-Remake 10MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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