Scraper: Gauntlet Labrodex Inc. 2020

Missions, Mods, & Mutators Galore. This features deep weapon customization through modifications and upgrades that players can mix and match to assemble their build. Each mission is a unique combination of levels, enemies, and mutators, leading to thousands of possible combat scenarios, each providing new opportunities for emergent gameplay. Combat robotic opponents who have access to over 30 mutators that change their strengths and capabilities, requiring advance preparations with builds and on-the-fly thinking during missions. Choose between 17 modifications that change your weapon loadout and defensive capabilities. Invest in 15 stats to create unique builds that enhance your favorite combat abilities. Experiment with 3 base weapons that have 9 unlockable variants: turn a machine gun into an auto-shotgun, or a grenade launcher into a black hole gun. Battle your way through an 8-hour campaign, facing off against unique bosses with behaviors and attack patterns that change as the fight progresses. Pursue end-game perfection in an endlessly scaling post-game with enemy variations and unique challenges for hardcore players. A New Entry in the Scraper Universe - it's a new standalone story in the Scraper universe, taking place concurrently with Scraper: First Strike. The megacities of the world are under siege by Humech forces. In an effort to turn the tide of battle, a leading AI scientist has devised a plan to recover highly classified weapon from an abandoned lab, a pair of advanced military gauntlets that house the latest in experimental munitions and reality-bending tech. Each Gauntlet contains three base weapons that are highly customizable and were specifically designed to counter Humech abilities.
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