Soldat 2 Transhuman Design 2020

Early Access Release Date: July A direct successor to the 2D multiplayer shooter Soldat which took the Internet and LAN parties by storm in the early 2000's. This aims at recreating the basic Soldat gameplay experience with fresh and enhanced content. Customization and modding will be a core feature with procedurally generated levels, custom game rules and modes, weapons, vehicles, structures and a battle simulator sandbox. It strives to become a powerful platform for custom created content, mods and other Soldat-like games. Early Access Features: online multiplayer (with dedicated servers); procedurally generated and designed levels; famous from its predecessor physics-based movement; low-poly style for easy mod creation; realistic weapons and military equipment; ragdoll physics and over the top violence; custom battle sandbox. Planned 3 Gameplay Tiers: classic-competitive; class-based-realistic; sandbox-experimental. Upcoming (subject to change): level editor + generator; full mod support; explosives + level destruction; more character customizations; more weapons and equipment; more levels and game modes; classes, vehicles and other experimental features. Developed by one man, the original creator of Soldat, King Arthur's Gold and producer of Butcher - Michal 'MM' Marcinkowski.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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