Flew Fighter Omegalev 2002

This is a vertical scrolling shooting game that you can play with six types of settings according to the skill of the player. The enemy's bullet has become a barrage system filling the screen. There are two kinds of game modes, "normal mode" and "SP mode", difficulty levels are three levels, and there are six types of play patterns depending on the combination of the two. By pressing [←] / [→] on the start screen, you can switch modes and difficulty sequentially (press repeatedly or long press if reaction is dull). "Normal mode" is an orthodox vertical scroll shooting game with a total of 6 stages (+ α) composition. "SP mode" consists of a boss character 's on parade somewhat across the scene where Zacochara appears. SP mode is one stage without stage division, but many enemies that do not appear in normal mode also appear. Both the normal mode and SP mode, the number of bosses appearing slightly varies depending on difficulty setting. The difficulty level can be selected from "NORMAL" "HARD" "ACTUAL HELL". NORMAL is the easiest, it's a handy difficulty as a barrage shooting shooter. HARD is a setting for those who are accustomed to NORMAL. The number of enemy bullets increases, and the attack speed of enemies also increases. ACTUAL HELL is a mode that can be said to be a barrage of storms, with more enemy bullets and increased speed. Besides, he also awaits a brutal true boss. Especially, the final battle of ACTUAL HELL is a difficulty without making a mistake even if it is a player who is good at barracks work. The operation corresponds to the keyboard and joystick. Move your aircraft with the cursor keys and shoot with 【Z】. [X] is "slow", while moving down, the moving speed of your own machine will decrease. [C] is bomb, you can fire as many as the number of bommarks displayed in the upper left of the screen. Bom gets all the enemy bullets on the screen to disappear at the moment of activation, and after a while it deals damage to surrounding enemies. When shot power is the maximum, the power of Bom will also increase. A certain period of time after the bomb burst and after its own machine is destroyed is invincible. If you hold down [Z] and [X] at the same time, the style of the shot changes to a wide type (widening forward a wide range) (a normal shot is a straight type that concentrates thermal power nearly directly in front). In many cases, straight type is easier to use, such as boss against boss, but wide type is easier to use when sweeping out Zako that flocks swarming while spreading sideways. The proper use of two types of shots is fundamental to the game. By taking power up items that appear when you kill a specific enemy, you can step up the power of the shot. The power of the powered up shot will not fall even if your opponent is destroyed or continually enemies. Continuation times are also unlimited.
Free Game 4.2MB (uploaded by Vector)

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