Bind Soul: 1st Contact Moonlit Musicbox 2010

A one way trip to hell with gameplay able to combine the style of classic shooters with the typical frenzy of the latest generation. It's a journey without return to the center of the Earth where the alien enemy has taken refuge and fortified. Our spaceship, returning from the depths of space, will be forced to face numerous hordes of aliens before reaching a planet now hopelessly taken hostage by an enemy hidden in its depths. It's a freeware game consisting of five long levels, apparently tackled without too much effort (the "continue" are numerous), but which soon proves to be an adrenaline-pumping battle against the huge alien flying fortresses. The controls are the classic cursor keys, with Z we will activate the primary fire while with the X key we will try to steal energy from the enemy fleet. The accumulated power can then be poured against the enemy in the sparkle of pyrotechnics with multi-beam edging. The technical realization gives the player spectacular two-dimensional explosions and enveloping sound effects while the backgrounds (however fluid and with impeccable scrolling) are not always up to the frenetic action that dominates them. Despite some minor flaws, this game is still a recommended download for all fans of Japanese origin shooters. The game must be installed and run with the bindsoulver100.exe file. Full screen viewing is supported and activated by pressing the ENTER key.
Free Game v1.50 43.8MB (uploaded by Vector)

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