Space Trance Porter DOS810 2010

This is a mix of STG and radio show. So, yep, the game contains a lot of voice acting. The space is silent and scary, there really is no BGM to accompany you in your boring journeys as a transporter, thus, instead of regular music, during the stage you hear a radio show along with the other two pilots chatting at you. It's absolutely on LSD half of the time, both the enemy designs and your own characters. A shuttle launching cows? A space pilot with cat ears and a space suit that leave the chest area open? Mechanics-wise, you have a charge attack (which sometimes glitches or I timed it terribly bad) that makes you invincible and a regular weapon that grows in power as you pick those golden thingies that look like Kero-chan from Card Captor Sakura. Your lives are represented by the cargo you are bringing. The game is made, like Mana Blast and a couple more, with the STGBuilder tool. Special mention to the boss. A terribly bad, mean and ugly hentai chicken-man space pirate hybrid (even the girl calls him hentai) that makes even the manliest Terran marine cry. You don't want to face him in the night. It's weird, definitely and clearly surreal, strange and weird.
Trial Level Demo v0.321t 116MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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