EX -extra- yunfa 2011

This is a fun little doujin shmup which seems to be inspired a lot by Ketsui. The first loop isn't very hard by any means but the second loops are pretty challenging. Especially because you can't practice anything in this game. I'm not exactly sure but unlike Ketsui I think you just have to no-miss the first loop to get to the Ura loop. The scoring system seems to consist of multipliers awarded for how close you kill enemies and getting gold from canceling bullets. Dying severely harms your end-of-stage score though. The real meat of your score seems to consist of no-missing as far as you can as the end-of-stage scores get pretty damn enormous in the second loop. If you want to get the 2-ALL you'll want to score good as you get an extra life for every 20 million after getting initially 20 million points. If you look at my score at the beginning of 2-3 you can see that I really didn't have anything to worry about after that point. If you're going for score you probably want to use up those 20 lives and milk the TLB's final pattern for gold by bombspamming.
Free Game v1.50 46.4MB (uploaded by Vector)

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