Rush'n Attack / Green Beret Konami Industry Co. Ltd. / Konami Inc. 1989

Release Date: 1989 Depending on which title you use, and how you interpret it, this game is about a guy who a) rushes in before attacking b) attacks Russians (this was the mid-80s, when the US helped Bin Laden do the same), or c) wears a rather goofy hat. One way or another, this arcade game arms you with a knife and sends you on a kamikaze mission against hordes of enemy fighters. There are four distinct sections of gameplay, taking in a Missile Base, a Harbour, a Bridge, and an enemy Prison Camp. Extra weapons with limited ammunition can be collected along the way, which will make the task a lot easier. The level is divided into 3 horizontal levels, which can be moved between either by jumping or using ladders, and this gives a chance to avoid the more threatening mobs of enemy fighters. A free fan-made remake of the Commodore 64 version was made by TDB Soft.
EGA/CGA Full Demo 141kb (uploaded by
Green Beret - Fan-Made Free Remake 338kb (uploaded by Classic Retro Games)

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