Unreal Evolution 1998

An all-round upgrade for the singleplayer portion of the 1998 FPS classic "Unreal" (or Unreal Gold). It's an UNREAL Experience. It's a REAL game. If you've played the developer's critically-acclaimed 'GMDX' mod for Deus Ex, you know what to expect; relatively faithful enhancements spanning most aspects of design including Artificial Intelligence, Weaponry, Level Design, Audio Design, Graphics and Art Direction, albeit on a smaller scale. Unreal (1998) is a highly enjoyable classic FPS with some rough edges. Unreal Evolution seeks to address these and bring a high quality golden age game to the next level. Expect tighter overall design through polished and enhanced weaponry/gunplay, smarter artificial intelligence and refined enemy placement, Enhanced Artistic Direction (new textures, effects, level details), tightened balance and resource distribution, new player mechanics, an engaging challenge (of course based on the difficulty mode you pick), enhanced replayability, audio design upgrades, a handful of bugfixes, better bossfights, level design with more to offer without being obviously different, and more...
Download 50MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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