Quasar RufusPro Software 1990

Perhaps notable for a valiant effort at real-time, wireframe 3-D graphics in (Tandy 1000) BASIC, Quasar is a first-person space shooter taking place across multiple quadrants of an unnamed galactic sector. Your fighter is equipped with limited energy stores, and a double laser (which depletes said energy). You start off in a planetary sector populated by waves of hostiles, which come in two chief variants: yellow and red; both take pleasure in ramming you, with bad results for your continuing existence. Destroying the red craft increases your energy however, while picking off the yellows engages your warp drive. In this mode, zapping a red will launch you into a stargate: this abstract geometric zone will lead you to another quadrant, depending on your warp factor - it may again contain a planet, or an empty void patrolled by enemy saucers. It may also be occupied by a black hole (where your discomfort will be short-lived, but so will your game).
Browser-Playable Full Demo (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
PCjr Basic version 260kb (uploaded by Github)

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