Star Shooter Maximum 2010 Aoshima Rakusaku / ARECT 2010

This is a free Chinese vertical-scrolling shooter. Instantly respond to enemy attacks that change each time you play. The key to the strategy is to master "Three Formations" and the weapons integrated with offense and defense, "Beam Saver". It has α high tension soundtrack. If you start with "GAME START", you can enjoy endless battles. " EASY START " is exactly the same as when the beginner's shield was turned on. It is ending with 4 sides clear. " NORM START " has the same difficulty as when you started with GAME START, and it is a four-sided end. With " HARD START ", you can start the game from the 2nd week difficulty level. And it's a four-sided end. If you clear EASY, NORM, and HARD, you will be able to get different colored trophies if you clear them, so the purpose may be more "clear" than before .
Free Game v2.80 27.3MB (uploaded by Vector)

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