Star Wars: Galaxy At War 2014

This is a Star-Wars themed mod being built for GEM2. Galaxy At War aims to bring a well rounded and diverse experience between Ep 1-6 and the real Extended Univers. It's goal is to feature as many species, factions, governments and regimes present during this timeframe. It uses ideas such as fully functional blast doors, walkers, and button toggleable auto turrets, with much more to come. Tons of models of course were done by our team from scratch, but of course without LucasArts/EA/Disney, the time it would take to complete a project of such wide array would have taken the lifetime of each team member. The mod is for the Editor only with the Assault Squad 2 version. You can activate it by going into the options in AS2 and finding it under the mods tab.
Download v0.49 4.48GB (uploaded by ModDB)

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