T2: The Arcade Game Midway / Virgin Games, Inc. 1993

This game was originally a popular arcade game and is loosely based on the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Your goal is to save the leader of the Human Resistance, John Connor, and his mother, Sarah, from the T-1000, a mimetic poly-alloy Terminator, bent on killing them both. The first mission is actually a backstory on what happened before the T-800 and the T-1000 entered Skynet. It also showed some of Skynet's machines that didn't appear in the film (for example, the Silverfish). One or two players can play at the same time controlling a T-800 model, you gun down the terminators of the opposing side in a light gun style fashion utilizing a first-person perspective. What was noteworthy about T2 was the use of digitized actors from footage specially shot during the making of the film. This made for realistic 2D sprites in a Light gun game for the time. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Patrick, and Eddie Furlong all reprised their respective roles for the making of the arcade game. Linda Hamilton does not play Sarah Connor in any footage of the game; she is instead played by Debbie Evans.
Full Demo 1.71MB (provided by xariskop & uploaded by Scaryfun)
included in Robocop vs The Terminator Collection 751MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
Floppy Image ISO Demo 672kb (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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