Star Wars: X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter - Balance Of Power Totally Games, Inc. / LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC 1997

Due to the lack of a story in the original game being strongly criticized by many fans, Totally Games realized that strong storylines were a major reason for the earlier games' success. They then released this expansion which added a storyline that included the best cutscenes the series had yet seen. Apart from new battles and missions, this features a Rebel and an Imperial campaign of 15 missions each, along with cutscenes that advance the story. Unique for the time, and rarely matched since, the campaigns supported 8-player cooperative play. Both campaigns revolve around the same series of events, but with alternate endings. "Spreading the Rebellion" — Features the evacuation of a base, an attack against the Empire, and the capture of an Imperial Interdictor Cruiser. The campaign ends with an assault on the Super Star Destroyer Vengeance. "Imperial Task Force Vengeance" — The player flies as a member of the elite Avenger squadron under the leadership of Admiral Senn. The missions are similar to those from the Rebel's campaign. The campaign ends with the destruction of a Rebel factory. The pack also adds B-wings as a pilotable craft, along with other vessels that are lacking from the original game.
ISO Demo 455MB (uploaded by Old_Schooler)

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